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Sample Workspaces - Industrial Automation

Automation Manager Software     

Once you have downloaded Automation Manager please check out the App Downloads These give examples of AM configured to run certain type of inspections

Windows may ask whether a program isntalled correctly - it installed correctly

Automation Manager Brochure 
Automation Manager (Windows 7,8,10 )

It excludes the extra samples and full help file.
These can be optionally retrieved when running the software

Uses vc runtime which is typically already there on windows PC
if not click here for 32bit OS or click here for 64bit OS

Automation Manager for MAC tested on Yosemite (version 10.7+)

copy the Synapx folder in the dmg downloaded file to applications or other desired location

Once downloaded you can just open the dmg file and click on Workspace this will show a drop list of various workspaces that can be run however a dmg folder is read only so while you can run and do whatever no changes to workspace can be save in the dmg folder. (Programs, images worspacs can be saved outside outside the dmg folder)

NOTE: Workspaces and sequences are transferable to between MAC and PC

Automation Manager for Linux 64bit
NOTE unzip and make the Workspace in the _binLinux folder executable and run it
available on request
Automation Manager for Rasberry PI
also visit our automation contoller site; dedicated to running automation manager on the raspberry pi

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