Surface 3D measurement

Tire Inspection Under Vacuum

Surface 3d Measurement

Lock Width measurement using lasers

Pharmaceutical lab Tray Inspection

Thread Inspection

Fastener Inspection

Wheel Match Mark

Turbine Blade inspection using Touch Probes

Tread Identification

Wheel Harmonics Inspection

Stereo Camera for laser Weld guidance

Thread Inspection

Ice Cream Lid Identification

Motion Control DRO

Color Detection

Thickness Measurement

Surface Inspection

Stereo Camera layout


Part Measurement

Welcome To The Automation Manager

Automation Manager is a graphical software package for the creation of application programs to control machines and inspect/gage products. Automation Manager contains a powerful and broad toolset so a single program can incorporate elements of machine vision, gauging, motion control, etc., all controlled from one software package. All result data can be viewed in dynamic SPC data charts and exported. Automation Manager also has a powerful IO controller using a pseudo ladder logic engine.Automation Manager integrates machine vision, gauging, motion control, thermal imaging and multimedia presentation into a powerful but easy to configure software package.

"If a camera can see it, or a probe can gage it, then we can inspect it."

Begin by taking the brief AM tour or by checking out our features and installations. When your finished download our demo and try it for yourself.

Automation Manager is the cost effective, self-configurable software for part inspection and automation.

see supported hardware (others can be added on request)

News Release:

Program once run anywhere - Windows, Apple, Linux or Raspian

Soft Automation announces its Automation Manager - configurable Machine Vision and Automation Software - running the Raspberry PI a $35 computer.

This is being made available as a stand alone product with some pre canned applications.(see